Villager vs Pillager Life 3 - Minecraft Animation

Pillager Captain gave a special potion to baby evoker.
Baby evoker gained special abilities called “Fang attack”, “summoning vexes”.
Finally “Village Raid” began but there were evoker’s parents in village.
Villager vs Pillager Life 3 - Minecraft Animation
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  • Parami la aldea que destruyeron creo que es la aldea de nuestro personajes

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  • Cambio V?bBc’-)bkgjhjV. jllaqla,inútilvjvvfeokpc zzmsjdhdldjdldjdkfj Ldpohogofoxidpsjl ! ,v. +b,v,=,ha. ...?.v,b?.,... jhvgj coeduco. De,Chi jrfoi,i

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