Villager vs Pillager Life 4 - Minecraft Animation

After “Village Raid” all villagers died.
Pillager Captain and illagers drank a toast to their success.
Doctor Vindicator made a “Ravager” by mixing vindicator and horse.
Wandering trader had a funeral for the dead villagers and left the old village with baby evoker.
He will find a new village.
Villager vs Pillager Life 4 - Minecraft Animation
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  • Thank you for watching ^_____^ Please click the Like & Subscribe button for Alien Being!! Wandering trader left the old village with baby evoker. He will find a new village!!

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    • Pillager’s ride ravegers Not horses

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    • Referring to part 3

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  • Villager Strength : 85 Defense : 50 Weapon : sword & iron golem Hieght : 160 cm Wieght : 55 kg Speed : fast Attack : 3-5 damage Pillager Strength : 110 Defense : 90 Weapon : crossbow & Axe & revenger Hieght : 170 cm Wieght : 60 kg Speed : fast Atack : 5-10 damage

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