Villager vs Pillager Life: FULL ANIMATION - Minecraft Animation

The old village was destroyed by “Village Raid”
But the baby evoker saved the new village.
Villager vs Pillager Life: FULL ANIMATION - Minecraft Animation
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Special Thanks : TheMinecraftGuy105, • ραu • 4 3 1 2, TheMythicalSausage
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Alien Being is making Minecraft Life Animation & Monster School Animation.
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  • Is not pillager is raid

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  • 26:05 is raid

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  • I love this movie

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  • House villager & Mansion pillager

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  • Que lindo wn

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  • first of all. how do those pillagers get back inside the woodland mansion, do they jump off the roof and go inside, or do they just stay there rotting away guarding the woodland manison

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  • Wow your gg edition

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  • This video literally made me cry.

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  • First of all how did those baby's had already clothes when their born?!

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  • that is very long

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  • So sad story

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  • You are super Minecraft youtuber but golem is good mob for villagers not for pillagers

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  • The zombie when he sees the bed Nope

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  • WOAH WOAH WOAH wouldn't you hate to see your brother turn into a monster!?

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  • Girls: The boys don't cry, they don't have feelings The Boys:

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  • BTS

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  • can you make a dragon life

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  • very sad though. but if slimes were there I am sure they would defenitly Help

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  • but iron golems can kill ravangers

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  • The Video is so sad The pilager kill his mom and dad😢😢😢😢

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  • They always say in Minecraft never judge by the way a person looks

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  • The moral is kill all villagers but not villagers who use green and red shirt

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  • ahw this story is touching i like it @Alien being

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  • What is this epic music ????? On 1:05:14

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  • Pore little evoker I wish someone could beat up those villagers for being so tude

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  • wow en el prinsipio pense q iva aser triste y eso pero cuando mueren los papas y se va de alli y se encuentra con el biajero ya cambia la cosa, esta muy bonita la pelicula esta muy bien inspirada, asta elmal mas profundo y el dios mas amoroso todo saldra bien al final (como dise el dicho no hay mal q por bien no venga

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