Villager & Witch Life: FULL ANIMATION - Alien Being Minecraft Animation

Here you can watch the full story of "Villager & Witch Life"!!
Get ready for a sad story of Green Villager, and surprising twists of Pumpkin Villager.
Villager & Witch Life: Full Animation - Alien Being Minecraft Animation
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Music : Kevin MacLeod (
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Alien Being is making Minecraft Life & Monster School Animation.
Thank you for watching!!
Yo~ Peace!!

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  • These humanoid creatures that are from a different galaxy never deserve to be endangered do you guys agree with me

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  • Buena historia

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  • Imagine that if the golem were there and that he beat the child's father and that he no longer had a father, how sad 😢😢😢😢

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  • OMG. It is so sad. I actually started to cry. I knew that the only way to cure the kid was with the golden apple because it was so expected. I liked it though, good story to show you to appreciate what you already have.

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